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Independent | Autonomous | Analytical | Prestige | Trust | Security Professional | RCX | CISSP

Single words like geek, nerd, IT-evangelist, developer, gadget-collector, and future-guy are proper ways to describe me and my love for IT. Of course I can do more than that. As long as the position has a (direct) relation with IT-technology, I am dedicated to learn everything about it and to achieve the best results possible. Whether it is work or my hobby, I actively follow news sources and like to educate whenever possible.

Since a couple of years I am actively involved in the field of Information Security. Topics about safety, security, privacy, ethics, values and technology are inter-changeably connected with each other.  For me, this complexity is not in any regard complicated and I can unleash my analytical skills upon these topics. Despite, or perhaps because of, all threats we as a society face nowadays, I am intrigued in new technologies and developments. Although my interests are mainly focused on information technology, I am also interested in topics about biotechnology, space engineering, and sociological developments.

The world of Information Security is big. Knowing everything is next to impossible, unless you will perhaps change the definition of knowing. The proper application of the many different search engines on the Internet and knowing to where to find the right information is in my opinion the “New way of Knowing”. Conceptual models and theoretical approaches about Information Security, quickly finding the right information and applying my analytical skills gives me the ingredients to find answers to questions of customers, friends and relatives.

For me, the world of Information Security makes sure that I won’t get bored the next couple of decades.

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Disclaimer: All content on this blog does not necessarily represent any opinion of my employer(s), customer(s), supplier(s) or someone else at all. They are solely my insights, thoughts and reflections that I am sharing with the world.