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Independent thinker | Maximizing expertise | Eager to learn new tech | IT Security Professional | CISSP | RCX

Single words like geek, nerd, IT-evangelist, developer, gadget-collector, and IT-visionary are proper ways to describe me and my love for IT. Of course I can do more than that. As long as the position has a (direct) relation with IT-technology, I am dedicated to learning everything about it and achieve the best results possible. Whether it is work or my hobby, I actively follow news sources and like to educate where possible.

One of the reasons why I love IT so much, is because I truly believe that the world will change significantly in the next 15 to 25 years. Every smartphone will facilitate in being a phone, tablet, laptop and a full desktop at once.

The "Internet of Things" are making our daily lives more easy and less time-consuming to manage. All this while you are being a passenger in your own car and using medical technology to monitor and improve your health is a daily routine. The impact of IT on our society will be unimaginably big and I am intrigued by this development.

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Disclaimer: All content on this blog does not necessarily represent any opinion of my employer(s), customer(s), supplier(s) or someone else at all. They are solely my insights, thoughts and reflections that I am sharing with the world.